Productive Unit 1 - Nerviano (MI) / VACUUM TREATMENTS DIVISION

T.T.N. S.p.A. has been working for the last 20 years in the thermal treatment sector and, by focusing constantly on the development and application of the newest technologies, has become one of the leaders of the market. It employs more than 200 people distributed in the different societies of the group. The sector dedicated to vacuum treatments represents the leading field for the group both in terms of investments for new structures and for the development of a quality system able to manage almost completely the treatments and production cycles with a computerized system. The cooperation with the ion nitriding sector and the surface coatings factory C.R.T. allowed to improve the thermal treatment cycles on steel for tools to obtain the best metallurgical characteristics for the best surface treatment results.
T.T.N. plants allow to perform any kind of vacuum treatments ranging from the ones with "standard" cooling with nitrogen up to 10 bar (apt for the tempering of a great deal of tool steels and for the inox steels solution heat-treatments) to the ones with helium cooling up to 20 bar, allowing the vacuum tempering of steels with low alloys usually blazed-off.
The advantage is to perform it on final items without problems of surface damages. Another cooling method is the salt bath at double phase with 520°C or 200°C temperature, allowing to combine the advantages of the vacuum treatment (absence of surface decarburization) with the advantages of the salt bath as far as deformation reduction and metallurgical characteristics are concerned. It is also possible to perform the cooling in polymer allowing the solution heat-treatments of inox steels, superalloys and titanium. All the plants are connected with a data management system allowing the control of the cycles through PC and the record of thermal diagrams automatically saved on the quality certificate as to explain clearly and easily all the operations performed on the tools.

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