Coatings PVD-CVD

Coatings reduce the wearing action in various industries as machining, hot molding, cold sheet metal bending, plastic molding, shearing, die casting and many others.




• Deposit layer temperature from about 180°C to 560°C
• Deposit layer thickness from 1 to 10 μm
• Optimal adherence to the substratum
• Unaltered edges
• High hardness
• Low friction coefficient


• Longer life for tools/molds
• Higher productivity
• Less maintenance
• Reduction of production costs
• Longer life for precision components

Surface properties

• Delay of surface damaging effects by protecting the substratum from friction and abrasion
• Separating surface stresses from massive stresses
• Facilitate the sliding between metal parts by applying a thin coating layer with high hardness (prevents from seizure problems)
• Acting as a lubricant between metal parts that are subject to friction (combined action against seizure and wearing)
• High chemical inertia, which leads to a partial corrosion protection
• Prevents from gluing and abrasion during molding


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• Aerospace-Defense
• Automotive
• Spare parts
• Sheet metal bending / Shearing
• Energy (oil&gas)
• Food industry
• General mechanics
• Mining
• Naval
• Die casting
• Hot moulding
• Plastic moulding

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