Induction Hardening

T.T.N. S.p.A. dispone di impianti per tempra ad induzione su bancali e piani di scorrimento di alesatrici, torni, fresatrici, ecc...



1000 KW generators at high, medium and low modular frequency allow us to reach hardening depths of 30 mm. Shape and depth homogeneousness of the hardening are guaranteed by new generation CNC machines and customized inductors made by TTN qualified personnel.
After induction hardening all components are tempered and/or stress relieved, as well as checked for eventual deformations of linearity and flatness, which we can restore by straightening in case of need.
All components are checked and certified by our qualified personnel.


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• Aerospace-Defense
• Automotive
• Spare parts
• Sheet metal bending / Shearing
• Energy (oil&gas)
• Food industry
• General mechanics
• Mining
• Naval
• Die casting
• Hot moulding
• Plastic moulding

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Tempra ad induzione cilindro

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