TTN has Gas Nitriding, Plasma Nitriding and NIPRE® heat treatment plants.


Surface Heat Treatments

Gas Nitriding

Surface hardening thermochemical heat treatment through nitrogen diffusion.

Plasma Nitriding

The hardness increase during ionic nitriding is due to the plasma’s energy, which is imprinted as electrical field on the ionized particles of nitrogen and hydrogen


TTN Patent. Thermochemical heat treatment to be applied on finished products instead of galvanic processes. The magnetite created by NIPRE® is a highly compact and homogeneous oxide which improves significantly the mechanical properties and the strength against chemical and electrochemical phenomenon.


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• Aerospace-Defense
• Automotive
• Spare parts
• Sheet metal bending / Shearing
• Energy (oil&gas)
• Food industry
• General mechanics
• Mining
• Naval
• Die casting
• Hot moulding
• Plastic moulding

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