Vacuum Quenching - Salt

TTN has various vacuum plants with both quenching in high pressure gas (nitrogen and helium) and quenching in salt bath.



• Vacuum quenching with gas and salt bath cooling of tool steel
• Vertical vacuum quenching of screws and cylinders for plastic molding
• Quenching of martensitic stainless steel
• Quenching of high speed steel
• Solution annealing of stainless steel and superalloy
• Soldering of components for the energy industry
• Precipitation hardening for PH steel and maraging
• Bright annealing
• Magnetic annealing
• Stress relief annealing before quenching
• Cryogenic treatments
• Post-sampling stress relieving
• Oxidation (with the purpose of creating between the steel mould and the melted aluminium a barrier, made by the particular iron oxide Fe304, which delays gluing of the melted alloy to the mould)


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• Aerospace-Defense
• Automotive
• Spare parts
• Sheet metal bending / Shearing
• Energy (oil&gas)
• Food industry
• General mechanics
• Mining
• Naval
• Die casting
• Hot moulding
• Plastic moulding

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